Make the world brighter

Piezo electric printheads

With our knows Brother printhead quality, you
can achieve a wider color gamut to reach a
print result of up to 1200dpi

Working efficiently for a brighter world

Responsible Solution For Your Production

Our latex wide format printer also makes a good
impression in production - the automatic gap
adjustment prints more accurately on a wider
range of media thicknesses. With our water-based
inks, less outgas time is necessary and you‘re
ready to go right away.

Print larger with brilliant ink

Brother latex ink

With our Latex Ink developed by Brother you can achieve
a high color depth and an excellent print result on a wide
range of materials such as PVC, paper, canvas, wallpaper
and many more.

Application - Large Photo printing

Application - Wallpaper

Application - window display

Application - Shop window

Application - Backlit

Application - Display

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