Are demands for your customized garment print products increasing?


Isn’t it frustrating to coordinate with multiple vendors for customised products?


Isn’t it risky if your vendor is not able to deliver quality products?


Isn't the long lead time from other vendors frustrating?


Why not try out our GTX Pro Bulk ?

DTG (Direct to Garment) Printer with high print speed and high quality on various print media

Print on anything you require, without having to coordinate with multiple vendors!

With GTX Pro Bulk:

GTX Pro Bulk

Instant Print

Send orders out to the customer with minimum lead time

No Minimum Print

With GTX Pro Bulk, you can easily make profit even from small-medium jobs

Print Samples Easily

Trying to get a large deal? Print a sample garment instantly for your customer.

Print on Various Garments

Print the same design on different sized garments without additional cost. Sell more products. Grow your business.

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Why get GTX Pro Bulk instead of outsourcing from different vendors?

Based on Our Customers’ Feedback:

"Shorter lead time"

Lead time is around 1-2 week shorter as compared to outsourcing from vendors. GTX Pro Bulk helps us to save time especially from sourcing and transportation time.

“Better Print Quality”

Better print quality when using GTX Pro Bulk as compared to outsourcing from different vendors. Vendors are usually unable to control print quality to our required standards.

“Ease of usage”

GTX Pro Bulk is very user-friendly. It is not difficult to learn how to operate at all.

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Ask Us Anything about DTG.

Let us help you with your queries about Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing.

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Deciding between DTG and Screen Printing?

Take a look at a side by side comparison and see which is best for you.

Comparison Table Comparison Table
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Ask Us Anything about DTG.

Let us help you with your queries about Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing.

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Some samples of DTG printing with GTX Pro Bulk

Product Sample

Many Colors


Smooth Gradation


Fully Customisable

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Take a look at how our customers use our GTX Pro Bulk machines here:

Ari - Football Concept Store

Screen printing and embroidery is still the bread and butter, but we feel our growth moving forward is going to come from the e-commerce market. Brother's automated digital printing package gives us the ability to service these online retailers and provide a good solution for them. Otherwise, we would not be able to go after this.

Full Service Garment Decorators

We really love the Brother GTX Pro Bulk. It is fast, the color is really good, and it prints great overall quality. There are always going to be some issues with equipment and when there are, Brother's support has been unbelievable. More than I actually expected. If you need something right away, they ship it overnight.

Online Fulfilment Company

Now that we have the GTX Pro Bulk, it's so much better. The quality and the feel are about the same, but the color gamut has expanded; and it has more features, functions and speed, which is a big jump.

Custom T-shirts seller

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