More Colors More Vibrancy

Extra Colors for more vibrant results

Our GTX600 Extra Colors contains two extra tanks and print heads to achieve an
even better color result in the orange and green range.

Engineered for leading performance

User experience is becoming more important than ever, a machine should not
only function perfectly but also be able to adapt to the needs of its user.

Built for industrial-level performance

Processing mass volumes of printed garments requires equipment that can meet the
dual challenges of high quality design reproduction and industrial level activity.
For this purpose we want to introduce the GTX600 & GTX600 Extra Colors to you,
the newest GTX ensures a smooth, highly professional and unique workflow with its
many advantages and should therefore be the new member of you company.

At your side for a better future

Environmental friendliness and sustainability are important issues in many
areas. We at Brother want to do our part by offering solutions that limit the
environmental impact and therefore create a better tomorrow for everyone.

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